Patronage for Employers

When you commit to make matching donations, Patronage minimizes your ongoing time commitment.

  1. Employees submit their donations

    Employees make their donations however they like, then submit their match requests through our simple interface.

  2. One-click approval

    No paperwork! If more information is needed before matching a donation, start a conversation with employees via Patronage.

  3. Complete your match in minutes

    At the end of the month, a single credit card transaction sends your matching funds to each nonprofit.

Your employees want to make a difference. Matching support makes their work more rewarding, and helps you attract and retain the best talent — and with Patronage, it's never been easier.

Eliminate Paperwork

Patronage eliminates the hassle for administrators of tracking receipts and donation amounts. All donation information is submitted by employees through the app, and archived for easy lookup.

View matching history.

Customize Your Program

Not all businesses have the same goals and resources, so we've made it easy to customize your matching program to fit your team.

Manage employee giving.

Calculate Your Program Costs

Matching with Patronage starts at $49 a month, plus $4 per participating employee. We never take a cut of any donation.
Patronage Enterprise is available for companies with more than 200 employees. This offering allows for matches to be made via check with lower processing costs. We also offer flat pricing, single sign on integration, custom internal or external facing websites, and the ability to complete matches by check at lower rates. Pricing starts at $500 a month, Contact us today to learn more.

Need more information?

Visit our help page for answers to some common questions.