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Patronage creates websites, applications, and data infrastructures that empower organizations to reach and engage their audiences. We help teams communicate clearly with great design, craft powerful digital experiences with sophisticated tools, and make informed decisions with comprehensive data.
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Powerful Websites & Bespoke Design

Communicate clearly and quickly with your audience — We design and build websites with clear visual communication and page speed in mind. Every website and team is unique, and our tailor-made content-editing experiences will let you publish with confidence.

Conversion Optimization

Convert visitors into supporters by testing your content, creative, and follow-up asks — We create workflows that empower your team to quickly set up and run a/b tests and see the results in real-time.

Tech Solutions & 
Custom Applications

Technical complexity shouldn't get in the way of your ambition to do great work — We guide organizations through the nuances of making smart tech decisions. And our team designs and engineers applications that allow you to create impactful experiences for your supporters.

Data Consulting & 
Data Engineering

Keep your data organized and make decisions with confidence — We ensure your data is accessible and talks across platforms, making insights and analysis fast, easy, and actionable.

Patronage built the most successful on-line, grassroots platform seen in some time.

Kevin Mack
Lead Strategist, Need to Impeach

Built on experience. Determined to do good.

After a decade of experience in online advocacy, Cameron Corda founded Patronage in 2013 with the goal of leveraging technology as a multiplier for positive change. Patronage has grown into a team of experienced developers, designers, organizers, strategists, and managers from across the country, partnering with nonprofits, companies, and campaigns to tackle big challenges head-on.

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Our goal is to make it simple and fun to run an effective and sophisticated digital program.

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