Our goal is to partner with the ambitious and the benevolent to create technology solutions to amplify your impact on the world.

We are technological optimists.

At Patronage, we’re building a world that harnesses technology as a multiplier for positive change.

We’ve spent years partnering with nonprofits, companies, and campaigns to build applications and websites to amplify their impact on the world.

For many organizations, technology solutions can seem out of reach. But with the right approach and the right partner, you might be surprised at what's within your grasp.

Film Society of Lincoln Center
Muckfest MS
The Fairness Project

Our Work

Our mission is to make philanthropy a part of everyone’s life. Our Patronage Application is one way we do this, but our roots are in working with companies, nonprofits, and advocacy organizations to lend our expertise directly to the work they’re already doing.

As a consultancy and development studio, we’re proud to be pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished online. We’ve made film libraries more accessible, fundraising campaigns more visible, and event building more successful.

Looking to get your project off the ground? Tell us a little about yourself, and how we might help.

Custom Applications

For many organizations, the promise of custom software is outweighed by the complexity of the creative process; first determining what to build, and then investing time to maintain, or even repair it. We advocate an iterative approach in moving from idea to prototype. Rather than crossing your fingers for a magic bullet, progressive development creates the opportunity to hone in on solutions that will resonate with users and drive action.

Custom donation forms.

Website Design and CMS Development

Any new website needs to better serve its users and make it easier for your team to create content. That’s why we’ve built an adaptable, open-source architecture to streamline the process of getting complex sites up and running. Advanced features like dynamic maps and custom data integrations take our services a step beyond the out-of-the-box alternative. Over the long term, our preference is be your partner, supporting organizations with ongoing development needs, but without the resources for in-house teams.

Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Optimization and Analytics

Successful A/B testing is a rising tide that lifts all aspects of your digital program. We start by creating a roadmap of test ideas, then do the design and development work to implement each experiment and track progress to determine the best path toward meeting your goals. A consistent strategy gives your team a process to measure which efforts truly make an impact in the constantly evolving digital landscape.

Analyzing web traffic week over week.

Case Study #TackleEbola

As the Ebola outbreak spread in 2014, a broad desire to help needed a home to channel resources effectively. We worked with the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to give the Ebola response a place to highlight on-the-ground efforts.

Matched by Mr. Allen’s generous pledge of 100 million dollars in support, we revamped the Tackle Ebola site with a new design and individual campaign fundraising allowing people to support specific organizations and track progress.


Case Study MuckFest® MS

MuckFest MS is a nationwide fun mud run with proceeds going to support the National MS Society. For the past three years we’ve partnered with the event management team at Event 360 to run over seventy-five A/B tests to improve how MuckFest MS stands out in a crowded field of fun runs and adventure races.

Optimizing site features through A/B testing

For the 2016 season, we completed an overhaul of their multi-step registration form in an effort to increase event signups. A streamlined user experience and mobile optimization highlight some of the benefits. Beneath the hood, backend integrations with Convio APIs allow us to retain the same functionality while having complete design freedom.

Developing a more intuitive registration flow

More from Patronage

We've worked with organizations throughout the country on projects large and small. Here's a sample of some of our partners. If you're interested in working with us, get in touch and we'll see how we can help.

Our Team

We’re developers and designers with a shared desire to do good. From Silicon Valley to Washington, DC our small but mighty team are always on the hunt for the most interesting projects we can find to make the world just a little bit better.

Kyle Hotchkiss

Kyle is a southern California based web developer. He enjoys building data visualizations, interactive maps, and anything with Node.js.

Yuval Maman

Linux head, problem ponderer, banter connoisseur, Yuval meanders through technical challenges until he whittles part elegant and part practical code. Find him on Slack, expressing a point with a finely tuned gif.

Stephen Cummings

Stephen comes to Patronage with a background as an artist, writer, designer, developer, and organizer. Prior to joining the team full time, he worked on campaigns for Barack Obama 2012, Organizing for Action, Charlie Crist for Governor, and Hillary Clinton 2016.

Cameron Corda

Cameron is the founder and CEO of Patronage. Previously he was the Director of Production at Blue State Digital, working with It Gets Better Project, Change.gov, Sundance Film Festival, and the launch of President Obama’s re-election website. Ever the optimist, this will finally be the year that UCLA makes it to the College Football Playoffs.

Jared Laser

Jared is a web developer with nearly a decade of experience building for the web. An alum of Blue State Digital and boutique DC studio, nclud, he brings a combination of agency thoughtfulness and small-team scrappiness to the Patronage team. He currently lives in the great non-state of Washington DC.