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Ignite a culture of giving.

Patronage makes it easy for companies large and small to match charitable donations with a workplace giving program.


of millennials say it’s a priority for them to make the world a better place.

— Intelligence Group study of millenials in the workplace


Engage your employees beyond the bottom line.

Match your employees’ donations with a percentage that makes sense for your organization. You’re able to set the maximum donation per month, so you never go over your budget.


Support what matters to you.

Find the nonprofits that you care about most and have your donations matched on a monthly basis by your employer.


Tap into long-lasting support.

Connect directly with donors and their employers. Build a community around your cause and receive monthly donations that help build and sustain ongoing programs.

“The perk I miss the most is the
Microsoft charitable donation matching program.”

— John Vert, Ex-PM on Microsoft Office

We are technological optimists.

At Patronage, we’re building a world that harnesses technology as a multiplier for positive change.

We’ve spent years partnering with nonprofits, companies, and campaigns to build applications and websites to amplify their impact on the world.

For many organizations, technology solutions can seem out of reach. But with the right approach and the right partner, you might be surprised at what's within your grasp.

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